Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Crazy Tuesday

So it's been brought to my attention that I forgot the crazy shenangigans that went down in school today. My bad, here it is:

Belgian's talk about sex. They talk about all of the reproductive organs, and birth, and all of that shit that we American's stick our heads beneath the ground for. And I am not ashamed in saying that I behaved like an American today.

Our teacher was passing out the papers that will be our guide through this...course..and I was just so happy and optimistic and apparently missed the part where they said we were studying this, and I saw the paper, said "Hey what's...OH MY GOD CLITORIS!" And it all went downhill from there.

I freaked. I laughed. I said inappropriate things. In short, I acted like a teenage American who was confronted with something she considered awkward.

Where others would have been ashamed of their lack of maturity on such a subject, I am not. You know why? Because this was my first real culture shock. Four and a half months in, and I hit my first cultural barrier! And I think that that is a damned good streak.

I make no promises as to whether or not I'll behave better in the class in the future...We'll see on Thursday. :|

I'm Back!

Hey guys, miss me? Ehehe...eheheheheheh. Moving right along.

So things have been really crazy lately. My host parents got divorced, which was a surprisingly difficult thing to go through. I thought that, if it had to happen to anyone, it's a good thing it happened to me, because I've already gone through it twice already, so I know how to cope with it, right?

To quote the Hobbit: I have never been so wrong.

At first I was doing really good, just letting it roll off my back, and then one night I had to start packing. I'd been avoiding it, consciously or subconsciously I'm not certain, but I definitely left it to the last minute. And then all of the feelings came rushing back in...It was very painful. I cried for a couple of hours, while packing, but eventually got through it. Luckily my host family was out while I was packing, so they didn't have to see that.

After the move everything kind of evened out and I went back to normal. I really do love my host mom and I'm really glad that I get to keep living with her. If I had had to move in with a new host family on top of all of that, I think I would have broken down and just gone home.

SO YEAH. That was difficult. On to happier things!

Christmas was a lot of fun, slightly awkward and what not with the hopping from one parent's house to another, but I'm used to that. I got amazing christmas presents for my host siblings, and they absolutely loved them. And then I got to spend New Years in Opwijk with Melissa, one of my friends who's also an AFS volunteer here! That was a lot of fun, although I was a total lame bot and got tired while we were out. But I mean, we stayed out until like six in the morning! Who does that? Not me. XD I was not expecting that at all. But it was a lot of fun! I only wish I'd had more energy.

Wat nog...

School started up again yesterday. Which was brutal. Oh my effing god, so brutal! Waking up at six thirty/seven in the morning after weeks of waking up at twelve was like...shoot me now! Plus, I'm getting those 'school is pointless' feels again, I hope I can push them away. It just gets so boring sometimes, and it's really hard to keep up with all of the Dutch. Especially now that I can actually understand so much of it, it's really frustrating when I miss a few words and then am totally lost for the rest of it.

Sidebar: I really want to take archery or kickboxing or something. I'm wondering if I can do that here/if it's too late to start up with something like that. Gonna try and look into it.

Well, that's the catch up for now. Hopefully more later, I'll try to do weekly or so installments, but no promises.