Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Catch Up Post! Haha.

I am so incredibly sorry that I have been so AWOL from my own blog. I do remember swearing up and down before that I was never going to do that, and reading other people's exchange blogs and being all "how dare they just abandon it like that?! I'll NEVER do that." Oh, Maggie. Oh, poor Maggie. You sweet silly thing, you.

So a ton of stuff has been going on xD I'm at the month and a half mark right now and so far things are going pretty good. I've been to one teenager party and quite a few dinner type parties with my family. I went barefoot walking! That was crazy cool. I almost froze my legs off, but it was  still pretty fun. I went to Iever and walked through trenches from WWI, which was amazing and slightly depressing all at the same time. I'm learning a lot about WWI over here, much more than I ever did in the States, which is really surprising. I never noticed how much we glossed over WWI and jumped straight into WWII, but we totally did in my US History class. I guess it's because it was a semester Honors level class, and it totally should have been a year long class, but ah well.

Aaand aside from that, I've mostly just been going to school and stuff. It's a lot of fun, but school is also kind of a drag. I don't understand almost anything that's being said, and super star McAwesomeville Geoffrey(other American exchange student that's in my class) seems to just magically get Dutch and is doing fabulous. Hmph. I'll get there...I hope.

I totally live for Wednesdays and Fridays. Those are the days that I go up to Hasselt and have my Dutch lessons with the other exchange students(minus Geoffrey because he's so good at Dutch already), and it's so much fun. We all hang out and Nella(totally cool girl from Venezuela) and I almost always get fries together, fries here are so amazing. I don't know what I'm going to do in January(our classes end in December). I know Nella enjoys Wednesdays and Fridays as much as I do, so maybe we can convince everyone to continue meeting up even after our classes end. I would hate it if we all saw each other less after the lessons end, they're all my favorite friends.

Oh, one another thing. I have decided to try and learn Turkish at the same time as I learn Dutch. Possibly suicidal? I think so. But two of my best friends(Melis and Deniz) are from Turkey, and they sound soooooo beautiful when they speak Turkish, and I'm so jealous of them. Plus, there is definitely a high level of Turkish immigrants here, kind of like Mexicans back home, and I think it would be beneficial to learn. My family kind of disagrees with me on this(when I asked my mom why more Belgians don't learn Turkish, she emphatically said that she would never learn Turkish, that they have to learn Dutch. That was really surprising). I'm still going to do it though, mostly because Deniz says that I can't. And well, anyone who knows me will know that when you tell me I can't do something, I have to do it.

I think that's most of everything that's been going on and how I'm feeling? I promise I'll at least try to update more in the future! At least once a week...

Tot ziens!